From MSP to Customer: Watching Veeam Save the Day Again and Again

Early in my career, I found myself in technical sales for a managed service provider (MSP). During that time, Veeam was one of the few solutions that I found easy to sell, since the benefits were so clear. Since then, I’ve also experienced Veeam as an end user, which gave me a unique perspective on the solution. Time and time again, I’ve seen Veeam save the day, and that’s why I’m the advocate I am today.

Back to my days at the MSP, I was on two-week vacation in between roles when I got a panicked phone call from an old non-current managed MSP client — a geriatric care nursing provider — telling me they had been smashed by a virus and all their systems were down. People’s health depended on getting their IT back up and running, but they were facing paying an arm and a leg to some IT consultant to rebuild their servers from scratch. So, I jumped in the car and drove almost two hours to get there. With my laptop, I accessed their offline Veeam repositories and built a Veeam recovery file. I then had them back in operation within six hours and without having to shell out for an extortionate fee.

Experiencing Veeam as a Customer

That was my most dramatic experience with Veeam, but it confirmed my faith in the product. In my next company, I enjoyed settling into my new role as a Veeam customer. I used Veeam to deliver a measurable impact on RTO, which won me kudos from my bosses. It was also great getting to know the local Veeam team, who never treat you like just a number in a queue. In fact, I’ve never had an issue getting them to come into the office to spitball ideas and answer even my most left-field questions!

We got to use Veeam to its full potential and went beyond data protection to explore other use cases. For example, we took snapshots of our data and used them for user acceptance training (UAT), which helped us get new innovations into production sooner.

Data Protection for Evolving IT

Today, I’m the infrastructure manager at MAX Solutions (MAX), a provider of employment, health, and training services for people across Australia — and Veeam is proving to be essential yet again. As we move toward hosting 99.99% of our services in the cloud, our Veeam solution is helping us migrate workloads and ensure that their data is protected regardless of where it’s located. In my opinion, the portability and scalability that Veeam offers is simply unrivalled.

At MAX, we’re continually setting up services in new locations to fulfil large government contracts and meet surges in demand. Veeam is now an integral part of our server build process, so we can add new workloads to our backup topology with just a few clicks of the mouse.

One thing that keeps me coming back to Veeam is that they are always competitive and supportive. A lot of vendors tout the fact that they’ll add value, but Veeam is one of the few that actually deliver. Their licensing is transparent, and the Veeam team will highlight potential savings, which is a competitive value-add, particularly in this day and age.

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