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In the ever-evolving world of technology, where data rules supreme and innovations abound, finding your way through the digital labyrinth can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast, a curious newcomer, or just someone looking to make sense of the rapidly changing tech landscape, “The NAS Guy” is here to be your guiding light.

Welcome to my tech-savvy haven where we unravel the mysteries of cloud computing, dive deep into storage solutions, explore the intricacies of data backup, and navigate everything in between. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the jargon of terabytes, cloud migrations, or RAID arrays, fear not – you’re in the right place!

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  • Veeam Email Notifications for Microsoft 365 Backup
    It’s easy to take email notifications for granted — but what if they gave you critical information about the status of your Microsoft 365 backup and backup copy job results? Microsoft 365 is vital for many organizations as it houses critical information and facilitates daily operations. Safeguarding the protection and continuous availability of this data … Read more
  • Veeam Kasten V7.0 is FIPS 140-3 Compliant
    The announcement of Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes V7.0 at Red Hat Summit 2024 brings over 30 new features and enhancements, including the addition of Federal Information Protection Standard (FIPS) for federal sector customers. Kasten also adds Azure Sentinel support. Understanding FIPS Compliance When implemented properly, FIPS can lock your data up tighter than Fort Knox. … Read more
  • AWS Weekly Roundup: Advanced capabilities in Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q, and more (July 15, 2024).
    As expected, there were lots of exciting launches and updates announced during the AWS Summit New York. You can quickly scan the highlights in Top Announcements of the AWS Summit in New York, 2024. My colleagues and fellow AWS News Blog writers Veliswa Boya and Sébastien Stormacq were at the AWS Community Day Cameroon last … Read more
  • Ransomware Encryption: Prevention and Response
    According to the 2024 Data Protection Trends Report, only one in four organizations (25%) believe they have not been hit by ransomware. Believe is the key word here, because history shows that many bad actors are often in their victim’s environment for up to 200 days before an attack, gathering information, moving laterally across the … Read more
  • From Fighting Real Fires to Disaster Recovery: My Journey to Data Protection Mastery
    My life has taken a very different path from the one I expected. My passion for computers started early, but I was determined not to ruin my hobby by turning it into a career. So, I followed my dad into firefighting. One year in, I had battled exactly zero fires and felt more like a … Read more
  • Veeam Ransomware Recovery Warranty Features
    You can’t have an IT conversation in 2024 without talking about the threat of ransomware being a when, not an if. In fact, according to the 2024 Data Protection Trends Report, which surveyed 1,200 organizations on their overall strategies, three out of four organizations suffered at least one ransomware attack in 2023. It is becoming … Read more
  • Planning for the Future: Veeam and Microsoft 365 Backup Storage
    The Challenges of Data Growth in Microsoft 365 As data within Microsoft 365 continues to grow exponentially, businesses face numerous challenges in securing and protecting their critical information. With over two billion files created daily in Microsoft 365 and some tenants experiencing petabytes of growth each month, it is evident that protecting Microsoft 365 data … Read more
  • A Guide to Implementing Effective Data Retention in Microsoft 365
    As a business leader or IT professional, you know that effective data retention is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance, optimizing storage costs, and securing your organization’s Microsoft 365 data. However, implementing and managing retention policies across Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services can be complex. This article provides actionable guidance to help you … Read more
  • Vector search for Amazon MemoryDB is now generally available
    Today, we are announcing the general availability of vector search for Amazon MemoryDB, a new capability that you can use to store, index, retrieve, and search vectors to develop real-time machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) applications with in-memory performance and multi-AZ durability. With this launch, Amazon MemoryDB delivers the fastest vector … Read more
  • Build enterprise-grade applications with natural language using AWS App Studio (preview)
    Organizations often struggle to solve their business problems in areas like claims processing, inventory tracking, and project approvals. Custom business applications could provide a solution to solve these problems and help an organization work more effectively but have historically required a professional development team to build and maintain. But often, development capacity is unavailable or … Read more
  • Amazon Q Apps, now generally available, enables users to build their own generative AI apps
    When we launched Amazon Q Business in April 2024, we also previewed Amazon Q Apps. Amazon Q Apps is a capability within Amazon Q Business for users to create generative artificial intelligence (generative AI)–powered apps based on the organization’s data. Users can build apps using natural language and securely publish them to the organization’s app … Read more
  • Customize Amazon Q Developer (in your IDE) with your private code base
    Today, we’re making the Amazon Q Developer (in your IDE) customization capability generally available for inline code completion, and we’re launching a preview of customization for the chat. You can now customize Amazon Q to generate specific code recommendations from private code repositories in the IDE code editor and in the chat. Amazon Q Developer … Read more
  • Agents for Amazon Bedrock now support memory retention and code interpretation (preview)
    With Agents for Amazon Bedrock, generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications can run multistep tasks across different systems and data sources. A couple of months back, we simplified the creation and configuration of agents. Today, we are introducing in preview two new fully managed capabilities: Retain memory across multiple interactions – Agents can now retain a … Read more
  • Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock can now detect hallucinations and safeguard apps built using custom or third-party FMs
    Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock enables customers to implement safeguards based on application requirements and and your company’s responsible artificial intelligence (AI) policies. It can help prevent undesirable content, block prompt attacks (prompt injection and jailbreaks), and remove sensitive information for privacy. You can combine multiple policy types to configure these safeguards for different scenarios and … Read more
  • Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock now supports additional data connectors (in preview)
    Using Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock, foundation models (FMs) and agents can retrieve contextual information from your company’s private data sources for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). RAG helps FMs deliver more relevant, accurate, and customized responses. Over the past months, we’ve continuously added choices of embedding models, vector stores, and FMs to Knowledge Bases. Today, … Read more
  • Introducing Amazon Q Developer in SageMaker Studio to streamline ML workflows
    Today, we are announcing a new capability in Amazon SageMaker Studio that simplifies and accelerates the machine learning (ML) development lifecycle. Amazon Q Developer in SageMaker Studio is a generative AI-powered assistant built natively into the SageMaker JupyterLab experience. This assistant takes your natural language inputs and crafts a tailored execution plan for your ML … Read more
  • Understanding Virtualization and Containerization
    As technology continues to advance, optimizing resources by balancing investment between infrastructure and application deployment becomes increasingly important. Two leading methods for addressing these challenges are virtualization and containerization. This article will educate readers about the differences between these technologies and help determine which approach is best suited to achieving their goals. The distinctions between … Read more
  • Monitor data events in Amazon S3 Express One Zone with AWS CloudTrail
    In a News Blog post for re:Invent 2023, we introduced you to Amazon S3 Express One Zone, a high-performance, single-Availability Zone (AZ) storage class purpose-built to deliver consistent single-digit millisecond data access for your most frequently accessed data and latency-sensitive applications. It is well-suited for demanding applications and is designed to deliver up to 10x … Read more
  • Top Announcements of the AWS Summit in New York, 2024
    Get ready for the excitement of the AWS Summit in New York City, one of our biggest annual events that takes place tomorrow, Wed., July 10, 2024. In-person space is full, but you can still register to watch the keynote, where Dr. Matt Wood, AWS VP for AI Products, will announce the latest launches and … Read more
  • Integrate your data and collaborate using data preparation in AWS Glue Studio
    Today, we announce the general availability of data preparation authoring in AWS Glue Studio Visual ETL. This is a new no-code data preparation user experience for business users and data analysts with a spreadsheet-style UI that runs data integration jobs at scale on AWS Glue for Spark. The new visual data preparation experience makes it … Read more
  • AWS Graviton4-based Amazon EC2 R8g instances: best price performance in Amazon EC2
    Today, I am very excited to announce that the new AWS Graviton4-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) R8g instances, that have been available in preview since re:Invent 2023, are now generally available to all. AWS offers more than 150 different AWS Graviton-powered Amazon EC2 instance types globally at scale, has built more than 2 … Read more
  • Azure Security Cloud Strategy 
    As an IT professional, you know that security is paramount when migrating your systems and data to the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of built-in security capabilities to protect your cloud environment, but fully optimizing these features requires forethought and diligence. This article will walk you through Azure’s core security components, detail best … Read more
  • AWS Weekly Roundup: Amazon S3 Access Grants, AWS Lambda, European Sovereign Cloud Region, and more (July 8, 2024).
    I counted only 21 AWS news since last Monday, most of them being Regional expansions of existing services and capabilities. I hope you enjoyed a relatively quiet week, because this one will be busier. This week, we’re welcoming our customers and partners at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the AWS Summit New York on … Read more
  • Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: Best Practices and Strategies
    Hybrid cloud environments are gaining popularity as more businesses seek flexible and scalable IT solutions. Hybrid cloud monitoring is essential for these environments, as they combine the best of both public and private clouds, offering businesses the flexibility to run applications and store data across multiple platforms. By integrating on-premises infrastructure with cloud services, hybrid … Read more
  • AI and ML to Enhance Data Backup and Recovery 
    The need for reliable data backup and recovery solutions has never been more critical. Cyberthreats, hardware failures, and human errors are constant risks that can disrupt business continuity. Veeam addresses these challenges by integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies into our data protection solutions. This blog explores how AI and ML … Read more
  • US Federal Government Best Practices for AI Protection
    Government agencies and critical infrastructure companies have long used machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate sensor data collection (SCADA/IoT), complete repetitive tasks, and for predictive analytics — all of which can enhance operational efficiency. Protecting more complex dynamic AI elements within agency systems, critical infrastructure systems, and the defense industrial base … Read more
  • Protect Kasten K10 Snapshots Using AWS KMS 
    Since version   4.0.13   (Release Date: 2021-09-28), Kasten by Veeam has supported using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to protect Kasten K10 encryption keys. This provides an alternative to the passphrase Passkey, which is used by default to protect the master key and encryption key for encrypting snapshots exported to external locations such as S3 … Read more
  • Drive Success and Customer Satisfaction with Veeam Partner Training
    Welcome to the exciting world of Veeam Partner Training! In today’s fast-paced IT landscape, staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. That’s why Veeam is thrilled to introduce our recently updated Veeam Sales Professional (VMSP) and Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP) training programs along with our groundbreaking Veeam Technical Professional … Read more
  • Cloud-native Security for Kubernetes: The Proactive Guide to Resilient Applications
    Cloud-native architecture built on Kubernetes and containers has revolutionized how we design, develop, and deploy applications. Benefits like speed, scalability, and portability are important, but the cloud-native environment introduces a unique set of security challenges that often require a new and more modern approach. Complexity: Kubernetes deployments involve multiple configurations across clusters, applications, and underlying … Read more
  • Veeam Backup for Azure v7: Scalable Cloud Solutions
    We are excited to introduce our latest release of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v7, packed with new features designed to enhance your cloud experience. At Veeam we know how important it is to easily manage your hybrid/ multi-cloud environment. We also understand that every environment is different, which is why we’re introducing support for … Read more
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