Accelerating Success: The Veeam Partner Onboarding Journey

Welcoming new partners to our Veeam family is a top priority! Partners have made the choice to grow with us as a strategic decision to enhance their business and provide unrivalled solutions to their customers. In this blog, we will explore the Veeam partner onboarding process and shed light on how it adds value, empowers partners with the right tools, and enables them to deliver exceptional outcomes. This is an exciting journey, and it’s one we want to take with our partners!

Introduction to Veeam: Building a Strong Partnership

At Veeam, we believe that partnerships are built on trust, collaboration, and shared goals. We are committed to empowering our partners to achieve their highest potential and deliver exceptional service to their customers. With a proven track record in radical resilience, our partnership promises a strong foundation for your success. Together, we can overcome challenges, drive innovation, and build a resilient future for every business.

The Veeam ProPartner Program: Unlocking a World of Benefits

New partners can gain access to the Veeam ProPartner program, which is designed to accelerate growth and enable the best outcomes for customers. Here are some key benefits of this program:

Sales and Technical Enablement: Veeam provides comprehensive sales and technical enablement resources to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. This includes training programs, certifications, and access to technical support, which can empower you to deliver top-notch solutions to your customers.

Deal Registration and Protection: We value your commitment and want to invest in protecting your opportunities. Through our Deal Registration program, you can enjoy priority access and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Marketing Support: Our marketing resources and tools are designed to help you expand your reach and grow your business. Benefit from co-branded campaigns, lead generation programs, and an extensive library of marketing collateral to effectively showcase your offerings.

The Veeam ProPartner Portal: Your Gateway to Success

The Veeam ProPartner Portal is a centralized hub that provides a wealth of resources, guidance, and support. This user-friendly platform serves as the go-to destination for:

Sales and Marketing Collateral: Access a wide range of sales enablement materials, product information, customer success stories, battle cards, and more! These resources will help you effectively communicate the value of Veeam to your customers.

Technical Documentation and Support: The ProPartner Portal offers comprehensive technical documentation, implementation guides, and troubleshooting resources. This ensures you have the right technical information at your fingertips to deliver the best solutions to your customers.

Training and Certification: Continuous learning is key to your success. The ProPartner Portal provides access to a variety of training programs and certifications, including Veeam Sales Professional (VMSP) and Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP). These courses will get partners up to speed quickly and equip them with the knowledge they need to advise and guide their customers on which Veeam solutions are the best fit for them. Learn more in the training guide.

Competencies: The Veeam Partner Competency Program elevates partners that have demonstrated proficiency through training and proven go-to-market executions to deliver the best outcomes for their customers. This program offers partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market with a chosen area of expertise. This brings a new level of visibility for partners and helps generate leads through listings on These competencies are simple and require minimal administration but carry significant weight in the marketplace with Veeam’s verification. Once verified, a partner may display their designated competency logo in accordance with Veeam brand guidelines and market their achievement with provided messaging and social media guides. A partner may also include competency credentials when responding to customer RFP’s and use their competency logo on promotional material. Learn more in the ProPartner portal.

Getting Started Guide: This guide is for Veeam Value-Added Resellers (VVARs) and is located on the ProPartner portal. We want to help make new partnerships with Veeam as quick and smooth as possible, and this online FAQ guide will help partners get onboarded efficiently.

Welcome Hub: The welcome hub for Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSP) is located here on the ProPartner portal. This hub consists of a three-part video series from Veeam that’s meant to help new VCSP partners navigate some important first steps, from exploring what the ProPartner portal has to offer, to demystifying pricing and licensing, and getting started with our purpose-built tools for service providers.

Analyst and Industry Research: Understanding customer needs and priorities can open highly profitable opportunities for backup modernization. We provide recent analyst and industry research reports on the ProPartner portal so partners can better understand the market, satisfy their customers’ needs, and help them understand the importance of backing up their data.

Working With Partners to Make Sure the Welcome is Smooth and Effective

Becoming a Veeam partner means joining a family that values collaboration, growth, and mutual success. At Veeam, we understand the importance of equipping our partners with the right tools and knowledge they need to embrace the opportunities our partnership brings. That’s why we developed a comprehensive onboarding process that ensures that every new partner feels welcomed and empowered from the beginning.

New Partner Onboarding Sessions: Our onboarding process kicks off with dedicated partner onboarding sessions delivered by our channel experts and is designed to provide a warm welcome and a seamless introduction to the Veeam ProPartner Program. These highly informative sessions guide partners through different aspects of their journey and helps them understand the value proposition, benefits, and expectations of the program. The format of these sessions is also tailored by country and region to ensure relevance to your specific circumstances.

During these sessions, partners will gain insight into how to navigate the ProPartner portal and where to find all the information they need on sales, technical support, and marketing resources. This centralized platform serves as a treasure trove of knowledge that empowers partners to excel in their roles and serve their customers efficiently.

By staying connected with our partners we allow them to tap into the expertise of the broader Veeam community and make networking and collaboration opportunities more readily available. Our aim is to create an ecosystem of support and shared success where partners can learn and grow together.

Kickstart Your Growth — The Email Journey Approach: To expedite partner growth and development, we designed a targeted email journey that takes a modular approach to partner onboarding. Each email is also strategically crafted to address specific areas of the partners’ relationship with Veeam and giving them the chance to enhance their knowledge and confidence in a logical and progressive manner.

From introducing our comprehensive product portfolio to highlighting key sales strategies and technical nuances, each email focuses on foundational concepts, practical tips, and growth-oriented insights. This guided onboarding process equips partners with the necessary resources they need to hit the ground running and thrive as Veeam representatives.


At Veeam, we believe in building strong, long-lasting partnerships. Our onboarding process is a testament to our dedication to partner success and provides a warm welcome and comprehensive support from day one. Through new partner onboarding sessions, the ProPartner portal, and a targeted email journey, we equip our partners with the knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to excel in their roles.

We are excited to welcome each new partner into our family and look forward to forging a prosperous future together. With Veeam, you’re not just joining a partner program – you’re becoming a vital part of a collaborative network that embodies innovation, growth, and mutual success. Welcome to the Veeam partner family!

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