My Eureka Moment: Making Growth by Acquisition a Breeze with Easy Data Migration from Veeam

The Path to Data Protection

As a kid, my dreams of being a fighter pilot or an astronaut disappeared as soon as I got the opportunity to take my dad’s computer apart. I quickly realized that nothing fascinated me more than IT. So, I grabbed a job in the field as soon as I could. At 17, I was manning the helpdesk for a local internet company, and I’ve not looked back since.

In a career spanning 28 years, I’ve seen firsthand how the value of data to companies in every sector has rocketed. And in parallel, how important data protection has become to success. Over time, I’ve turned into a data protection evangelist and my platform of choice is Veeam.

On Choosing Veeam

I’m a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Esquire Deposition Solutions. We support leading law firms, corporations, and insurance carriers providing a range of global services focused on court reporting and deposition management. To put it lightly, our business depends on data. As a result of strong organic growth, we’ve already racked up terabytes of data. Our aggressive acquisition growth strategy means that we are constantly ingesting more data on top of that.

When I started here, I was ready to fight to deploy Veeam if it wasn’t already in use. But I was in luck – it had recently been implemented. I was happy to leave more complex data protection solutions behind. For example, Commvault, which took up 75% of my time and more headspace than I care to remember! Instead, Veeam allows me to set my data backup policies and trust it will do its job, with no messing around with re-indexing and other time-consuming tasks.

Realizing that Veeam could be an essential part of our migration strategy for new acquisitions was a eureka moment. It does not matter how much due diligence you do before acquiring another company, there are always some unknowns in their IT environment. Veeam gives us the gift of not worrying about what workloads or hardware our acquired companies have. We simply drop in a Veeam agent and copy their data to our Wasabi cloud or datacenter with zero stress. It has proved a winning formula that we rely on multiple times a year, allowing us to keep rapidly integrating our acquired companies without worries about migration challenges.

I’ve been using Veeam for more than 13 years now. I still get excited about new features so much so that the Veeam team knows to contact me when something new is coming. I’ve seen Veeam evolve from backups for VMs to include immutable backups to Wasabi, which has elevated our cyber-resilience strategy dramatically.

“Have You Tried Veeam?”

I’m thrilled to be a Veeam champion, and I recommend it to most engineers in my position. If someone tells me they’re having issues with backups, the first thing I say is ‘have you tried Veeam?’ Deployed correctly, there are lots of great data protection toolsets out there. But for a company of our size, there’s nothing better than Veeam. It keeps things simple so your business can get on with doing what it’s good at. That’s certainly been the case for Esquire Deposition Solutions, where we keep going on to bigger and better things.

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