Empowering Resellers: Unlocking Success Through Expertise

The partner landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, with customers expecting resellers to be a one-stop shop for all their technology needs. In such a crowded market, it can be challenging for resellers to stand out and showcase their expertise in providing Veeam solutions. That’s why Veeam established the Veeam Competency Program. This blog will explore the Veeam Competency Program and the value it brings to partners and customers by helping to deliver radical resilience for any scenario and rapid, reliable recovery to ensure an attack doesn’t disrupt business. At Veeam, we’re dedicated to keeping your business running.

The Veeam Competency Program

The Veeam Competency Program is designed to recognize and support partners who have completed specialized training and met their go-to-market requirements in specific solution areas. Its mission is to provide partners with the opportunity to be recognized and promoted as experts by Veeam in their solution specialization. The program is built to create a partner expert network for strategic workload and solutions-focused competencies around the world.

Value-Added Reseller Competencies

The Veeam Competency Program assists customers in identifying the right partner to meet their specific on-premises or cloud requirements. Veeam Value-Added Reseller (VVAR) competencies include:

Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

The competency in Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery (DR) can help organizations implement transparent and actionable strategies to detect suspicious activity, protect data with immutable backup options, and rapidly recover backup data.

Public Cloud Protection

A reseller with a Veeam competency in the public cloud can demonstrate a strong understanding of the cloud-native backup solutions market and customer challenges. This kind of reseller also demonstrates that they can represent the overall capabilities of all Veeam cloud-native backup solutions and position the right solutions for their customers.

SaaS Protection

The Veeam competency in SaaS understands that a software provider’s responsibility ends at application uptime, which leaves the customer responsible for data loss avoidance. Through specialized training, resellers can help customers protect against the risk of losing access and control over their most critical processes.

Kubernetes Data Protection

The Kubernetes Data Protection competency will show that a reseller is able to ensure the protection and mobility of their customers’ containerized workloads and can future proof their customers’ cloud-native strategy.

Competencies for Veeam Cloud Service Providers

This competency program helps customers identify the best service provider to select for their specific workload requirements. Competencies in the service provider space include:

Off-site Backup for Ransomware Resiliency

 Service providers with an Off-site Backup for Ransomware Resiliency Competency can show customers how to extend their Veeam data protection solutions to the storage option that makes the most sense for the customer’s needs. This includes sending backups to immutable cloud repositories as well as migrating to the service provider’s off-site cloud infrastructure.

BaaS for Microsoft 365

With this competency, service providers can assert that they have been qualified by Veeam to deliver a best-in-class BaaS offering. This includes all-in-one licensing, instant provisioning, and self-service backup and restore capabilities to protect their customers’ critical Microsoft 365 data.


 Not all organizations have the time, budget, or expertise to stand up a secondary site for a much-needed DR solution. Service providers that acquire a DRaaS competency prove they can deliver a best-in-breed DR solution with Veeam Backup & Replication and ensure their customers remain resilient when the unexpected happens.

BaaS for AWS

Service providers can showcase their expertise in protecting public cloud data with a BaaS for AWS Competency. Veeam ensures your solution meets the highest standards of protecting and managing AWS workloads including Amazon EC2, RDS and EFS instances. This is coupled with the ability to meet reporting and service level agreement (SLA) requirements via remote monitoring and management that includes licensing, billing, and invoicing.

BaaS for Azure

Service providers can showcase their expertise in protecting public cloud data with a BaaS for Azure Competency. Veeam ensures your solution meets the highest standards of managing Microsoft Azure workloads including Azure virtual machines (VMs), Azure SQL, and Azure Files. This is coupled with the ability to provide immutability, reporting, and billing capabilities, including self-service capabilities for your customers.

Benefits of the Program for Veeam ProPartners

The Veeam Competency Program offers several benefits to partners, including:

  • Proposal-based Marketing Development Funds (MDF) that can provide financial support for marketing activities.
  • Inclusion in the Unified Directory Competency locator on veeam.com, which increases visibility and allows potential customers to easily find specialized partners.
  • Exclusive logo usage for marketing collateral, campaigns, web resources, and events, helping partners strengthen their brand presence.
  • Competency messaging guides that include customizable boilerplate language, which makes it easier for partners to communicate the value of their specialized expertise.
  • Social media guides with canned social media posts that can be tailored to suit specific business needs, including graphics for various social media profiles.
  • Co-branded solutions briefs that highlight features, business and technical benefits, and architecture recommendations, enabling partners to effectively showcase their offerings.
  • Lead generation opportunities through directory listings and joint marketing activities that drive business growth and increase customer reach.

Program Requirements

Partners interested in qualifying for the Veeam Competency Program must meet specific requirements. Resellers need to be in good standing and have a minimum program level of Silver. Additionally, they must complete two VMSP and two VMTSP courses in their desired competency, along with a combination of any two VMCE/VMCA certifications.

For service provider competencies, the Veeam Competency team will review applications and technical readiness. Having one VMCE/VMCA certificate combined with the review process enables a partner to qualify.

How Training Requirements Link to Other Veeam Programs

The training requirements for the Veeam Competency Program are the same as those used to maintain a tier in the Veeam Partner program. This means that partners can work towards multiple partner program goals with the same courses. In some cases, partners may even qualify for a competency without realizing it and just need to apply!

Find Out More and Apply to Become a Veeam Competency Partner

For more information on the Veeam Competency Program, partners can visit the Veeam ProPartner portal. They can also reach out to their Veeam representative for further assistance and guidance. The application to become a Veeam Competency Partner is also available on the Veeam ProPartner portal. The process is simple and can be found at the links below:

  • For resellers, click here
  • For service providers, click here

The Veeam Competency Program offers resellers and service providers the opportunity to be recognized and supported by Veeam when promoting their specialized solution expertise. By joining the program, partners can differentiate themselves from competitors, gain access to valuable resources and marketing materials, and enjoy lead generation opportunities.

In today’s competitive partner landscape, becoming a Veeam Competency Partner is a crucial step for resellers and service providers. By meeting the program’s requirements, leveraging the benefits, and showcasing their specialized offerings, partners can drive retention, engagement, and recruitment within their businesses while helping customers achieve radical resilience. Apply today and unlock the full potential of the Veeam Competency Program!

See how our Competency program has helped our partners outshine their competition:

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