Expanding Horizons: Embracing Oracle Linux Virtualization and oVirt 

The virtualization landscape is evolving, and with it, so are the strategies for data protection and disaster recovery. Veeam’s latest release, Veeam Backup for Oracle Linux KVM and Red Hat Virtualization v4.1, marks a significant step in this evolution, building on the initial KVM backup technologies by offering official support for Oracle Linux Virtualization managed by oVirt. 

The Evolution of OLVM with the Rise of oVirt 

Oracle has looked to harness the power of oVirt in their Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM), creating a strong virtualization solution underpinned by the reliable and trusted KVM hypervisor first included in Oracle Linux 7. With the latest enhancements in OLVM, such as the self-hosted engine for high availability and virt-v2v for streamlined migration from other platforms, Oracle has solidified its position in the virtualization space.

This integration not only leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of open-source KVM and oVirt but also aligns seamlessly with Oracle’s cloud migration pathways, offering enhanced management features like Snapshots and Role-Based Access Control. 

Oracle’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure is evident in the comprehensive capabilities of OLVM, which is recognized for its hard partitioning technology, which is critical for Oracle software licensing. The inclusion of Oracle VirtIO drivers extends support to a wider range of operating systems, ensuring a versatile and scalable virtualization environment.  

With Oracle throwing support behind the oVirt project and OSS in general, its popularity has been increasing, and for us at Veeam, that meant it was an easy choice for us to add support as our official fifth hypervisor

Veeam’s Commitment to Comprehensive Data Protection 

With this addition of support for our fifth hypervisor, Veeam continues to show our commitment and support for the alternative hypervisor market as they are adopted beyond the traditional dominance of VMware. It is a testament to our commitment to adapt and serve a broader audience as market forces change and evolve.  

Veeam Backup for Oracle Linux KVM and Red Hat Virtualization v4.1 is not just an update, it’s a strategic expansion to ensure that current and future organizations leveraging Oracle Linux Virtualization with oVirt can protect their workloads with data protection and disaster recovery readiness that Veeam users have come to expect. 

This release is important as we expand our KVM support with oVirt. It’s designed to protect workloads on Oracle Linux KVM effectively and integrates seamlessly with oVirt, providing a unified solution that enhances operational efficiency and reliability through the Veeam Plugin for oVirt.

Features of Oracle Linux KVM and Red Hat Virtualization v4.1 

Veeam’s integration with Oracle Linux KVM and Red Hat Virtualization in its 4.1 release brings strong data protection capabilities tailored for oVirt KVM environments. This solution is designed to streamline the backup process, offering robust options to protect VMs and making them recoverable in case of disaster, while ensuring data integrity and availability across Veeam’s diverse storage targets, enhancing resilience. 

The feature set extends to versatile recovery options, allowing the restoration of VMs directly within the oVirt KVM ecosystem or through cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. The Instant Recovery feature is critical when it comes to mobility, providing swift and efficient restoration capabilities to alternate hypervisors like Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V, thereby reducing downtime and bolstering business continuity strategies.

In addition to this, at the file and folder level, recovery from the guest OSes of oVirt VMs allows the attachment of restored oVirt VM disks to active VMs on oVirt KVM hosts. Advanced data management is further achieved through the export functionality, enabling the conversion of backed-up oVirt VM disks to common formats like VMDK, VHD, and VHDX, and facilitating secure, read-only access to disk data on any server, reinforcing Veeam’s commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible data protection solutions. 

Why This Matters for Organizations 

In the current digital landscape, flexibility and reliability in data protection are critical no matter where that data resides. The addition of Oracle Linux Virtualization with oVirt in Veeam’s data platform is a clear response to the demand for diversified virtualization support. It provides businesses with the assurance that their critical data is protected, regardless of the underlying virtualization technology, offering more flexibility and choice in their virtualization strategies while maintaining the high standards of data protection that Veeam is known for. 

Organizations looking to or already using Oracle Linux Virtualization can now leverage Veeam’s powerful data protection tools, ensuring business continuity and operational resilience. Veeam’s support for Oracle Linux Virtualization with oVirt in this release is a strategic move that aligns with the shifting dynamics of the virtualization market.

You can download the new release of the Plug-in here and get started today with Veeam Backup for Oracle Linux KVM and Red Hat Virtualization v4.1.

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