Kasten K10 and EKS Anywhere: Reliable Data Management & Protection for Hybrid Environments

While the majority of organizations are modernizing their applications and moving to the cloud, many workloads must still run on-premises. Why? There are three primary reasons:

  • Existing investments: Organizations have made substantial investments in their data centers, and want to maximize those investments, taking a phased approach to moving their containerized applications to the cloud.
  • Regulations: Highly regulated industries are bound by data sovereignty requirements. This means they must run their containerized workloads and host the associated data within certain regional boundaries, and work with data center partners in specific regions.
  • Low latency requirements: Some organizations have services running on-premises that depend on containerized workloads or microservices. Having those container workloads on-premise closer to their dependencies helps to lower latency, minimizing performance penalties or issues.

In all of these cases, organizations end up running multiple Kubernetes clusters and distributions, in the cloud and on-premises. This increases operational overhead, since all of those environments may have varying operational processes and needs.

Amazon EKS Anywhere offers a secure and stable version of Kubernetes that can be readily deployed to production with high availability, while enabling users to own, operate and manage it on their own hardware . The solution:

  • Ensures consistent distribution of Kubernetes across environments, creating a unified experience for teams
  • Reduces the learning curve with a single EKS experience via EKS-Distro, instead of a cloud interface and a separate on-premises interface
  • Alleviates maintenance hassle with bundled lifecycle management feature
  • Provides curated packages of recommended and vetted third-party solutions, available out-of-the-box

And, as EKS Anywhere can be run, well, anywhere, many organizations are implementing the solution on bare metal.

What’s the Advantage of EKS on Bare Metal?

In a bare metal instance, the operating system communicates directly with the hardware, enabling workloads to leverage accelerators, local storage and native I/O speeds, for enhanced performance. Also, all of the steps – from provisioning to running a cluster to the workflows built with open-source tools – can be automated, reducing support costs and accelerating modernization.

Importantly, a bare metal deployment with EKS Anywhere provides you with a consistent dashboard in your AWS console for connecting, visualizing and troubleshooting all of your K8s clusters and applications, whether on-prem or AWS-managed in the cloud.

Kasten K10: Manage, Protect and Migrate EKS Clusters with Ease

A launch partner for EKS Anywhere, Kasten K10 by Veeam is an essential addition to your AWS environment, providing consistent data management across all of your EKS cluster data, along with reliable backup and recovery, full cluster disaster recovery (DR) and application mobility.

Kasten K10 by Veeam can be seamlessly deployed in minutes within Amazon EKS or Amazon EKS Anywhere, via a helm command or from the AWS Marketplace. Simply backup your apps in EKS and migrate them to an EKS Anywhere cluster, or vice-versa, depending on your goals and needs. With Kasten K10 by Veeam, you can maximize your organization’s cloud native agility and truly embrace the hybrid cloud for your cloud native applications.

Learn more about Kasten K10 on the AWS Marketplace.

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#1 Kubernetes Backup

#1 Kubernetes Backup
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