Meet the final cohort of AWS Heroes this year – November 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we’re celebrating our final Heroes cohort launch of the year! These technical experts are passionate about helping their local communities build faster on AWS—they’re focused on sharing best practices, solving problems, and even more. We’re thrilled to have them join the AWS Heroes program, and recognizing them for their contributions to the greater AWS community.

Please meet our newest Heroes!

Emin Alemdar – Izmir, Turkey

Container Hero Emin Alemdar is a Solutions Architect at Spacelift where he produces solutions related to Kubernetes, Cloud technologies, and Cloud Native Transformation. In general, his work focuses on these services and technologies, and he shares best practices with the AWS community. Additionally, Emin is a CNCF Ambassador and is part of the HashiCorp Ambassador Program within the open source community.

Richard Fan – Hong Kong

Security Hero Richard Fan is a Security Engineer at ExpressVPN. He is dedicated to helping builders easily adopt AWS, and shares best practices around streamlines for cloud governance. Richard has also developed different tools to simplify the experience with AWS security services, such as his nitro-enclave-python-demo project, which helps builders get started on AWS Nitro Enclaves and has been adopted by some AWS workshops. Furthermore, Richard promotes the concept and use cases of enclave technology by partnering with multiple companies to review their AWS Nitro Enclaves offering.

Takuya Tachibana – Misawa, Japan

Community Hero Takuya Tachibana is the CEO of Heptagon inc. and Director of DigitalCube Co. Ltd. Since 2012, he has been contributing to the Japan AWS User Group (JAWS-UG), and he was the leader from 2016-2017 for all of the JAWS-UGs, representing and overseeing every chapter in Japan. Tachibana has been a speaker at over 100 community and cloud events throughout all of Japan, including AWS Summit Seoul, AWS Summit Beijing, and AWS Community Day APAC.

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To learn more about the AWS Heroes program or to connect with a Hero near you, please visit the AWS Heroes website.


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